Friday, February 29, 2008

Fab Friday

So today was a slow start. The girls got up and ready for school, and the husband I snipped and snarled at each other all morning. Once the girls were off, I did a bunch of stuff around the house and then headed out to the store with Emily and Maggie. I managed to come home with all of the things I needed, including all of the goodies for Easter and a bed for Helicopter to sleep/birth in. Husband and I had another argument so I took Grayson out to get some lunch. On our way, we dropped off some candy for Brittan's class at school, stopped at the bank and drove by the stables so he could see the horses. Then we had a nice lunch and Gray, Maggie and Killian hopped in the back of my car for the ride home. The girls and Em came by as it was only a half day at the elementary school, and the husband and I fought AGAIN and I started dinner. Finall, all six kiddos were here and being loud, Haven sported the attitude she is famous for, Gray and Maggie brawled, it was a typical afternoon. Being as the kids were so well behaved, we decided to keep them and Emily for dinner :) Husband and I called a truce, kids were fed and then Haven and I were off to sell cookies at Wawa. Finally home and warm, with cookies and hot cocoa for all, the kids have been shuffled to bed, I have worked and also happliy discovered that the paper I thought was due tonight isn't due until tomorrow!! Now all that is left is to vaccum the family room, wipe the table and clean up the kitchen, and then I can relax.

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theansweris said...

Another quiet day:) Thanks for dinner.