Sunday, February 17, 2008

There are good days, and then there are bad days

So we had a gentleman come out and estimate the walls. The price wasn't too bad and I really, really liked the guy, reminded me of my dad but with a slight southern accent. He said he could get the job done pretty quick, which is great since we need to get the soil moving. heck, he even said he could take the tree down :)

I will get at least one more estimate, that is just in my nature, but I prefer to give business to local small business owners as I know that the slowdown in construction is hitting them pretty hard. We will see what the next guy says!

Today started off rough, but shouldn't have. I slept until just after 8, which is usually a sign it will be a good day, but then it started. Grayson started screaming, which I think has become his new hobby and he is quite good at it, doors started slamming as the girls fought, High School Musical 2 was good!

Then I got up and saw it, the mess that was Haven's room. See my girls have their own rooms, but for the last three months they have decided to share Haven's room, which is the smaller of the bedrooms. In there, there is no room to move as Ryan set up a second twin bed for them (um, thanks?) so it gets really messy, really quickly. I think if this continues, I will move both girls into Brittan's room which is bigger and move the queen bed into Haven's room and make it the guest room. Why did I buy a 4 bedroom house if they were just going to share?? Oh well, looks like negotiations for number 4 are going well, so the girls would have had to share anyway :)

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