Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why I do what I do

First, let me tell you that I am in LOVE with Mrs. Meyers. Now if she wasn't already a Mrs (or if I wasn't) and same sex marriage was allowed in Virginia I would ask her to marry me! I love the Geranium scented cleaner, and it does a great job too! I bought the all purpose cleaner and the glas cleaner, we also use Simple Green in the house for heartier messes and now I am planning to buy ALL of the Mrs. Meyers product :)

OK, now the organic, grass fed meat of it all... I often get asked how or why I do what I do. Why I take on so much, how do I do it all, etc. Well first, a confession, I have horrible OCD and anxiety issues. For me, sitting still is torture. Making lists and being busy quiets my brain and makes me feel productive. I once saw a therapist and asked her what I should do about my OCD and her response was that it worked for me, so use it. I embraced that theory.

The other reason I do what I do is because I genuinely like to. I like learning, that is why I keep trucking away at the doctorate. I love teaching, so I keep my two jobs, one pays the bills the other lets me spend time with students. I cook because I enjoy it, although I have days I don't feel like doing it, most of the time I get great pleasure out of seeing my family enjoy something I worked hard to create. I do all of the big and little things for my family because I love them and I want them to be happy.

I feel that the way we live our life is a refelction of who we are. I live a busy, slightly crazy and energized life, and I think that describes who I am. I am a hippie at heart, and for years I tried to fit the mold, especially the "mom" mold and just couldn't do it. I found I am a better mom when I do things my way, I am happier when I embrace the hippie and live my life the way that I think is "right" for my family. My kids are thriving, my husband is happy and we have a great life, that is why I do everything I do.


theansweris said...

Well, you have been too busy to miss me I see:) Have you sat down at all since I left? See you Thursday!

Tribe Mama said...

Why were you up at 2:45 am?

We miss you, it is too quiet.