Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a day

Wednesdays are always rough. i have to get the girlies off to school, then get ready for work, leave and do a conference call on the way, teach, then home for grading and work.

Today things went off track when Ryan was late getting home. i ran out the door and went to teach my class. After class, my laptopn was not working so I came home and got some disks in case I could back it up. Came home and it wouldn't work at all. This is a big deal as all of my work stuff and doctoral work are on the computer. i cried a bit, then I called my help desk and my boss. Boss told me that they would send a temp and it would be OK, and I got to work on my grading using another system. On a whim, I decided to try the computer. I remembered that the disk drive was sitting funny, so I took it out and the back looks damaged. I managed to slide it carefully back and magically it works! I backed up the system as it will be leaving for Pittsburgh in the next few days. The connection for the screen is screwy, the charger doesn't work and now this drive issue...they can have it back to fix it :)

I am just happy that it is working and I got all my files off. I live on my laptop, so it being down is a very big deal.

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