Sunday, February 10, 2008

Almost time to vote

So we get to vote on Tuesday, and I am anxious to see what the end result of the Democratic primary is. I am thrilled to live in an age where a woman and an African American are they two potential candidates, I think of that as progress. However, I am always nervous that people will vote emotionally rather than rationally in these situations. I would hate to see women vote for Hillary just because she is a woman, or men who would normally vote Democratic NOT vote for Hillary (if she was the pres candidate) because she was a woman. I would also hate to see people vote for Obama because of his color, or not due to it.

Research the candidates everyone, even you Republicans should do this, and know where they stand. Picking a president is a big committment and should be based on character and beliefs, not color, gender or party. So, in an effort to be fair and honest, here are the links to all the current candidates pages. I know who I am voting for, and why, do you?

Vote wisely...and if you have already voted, research and stay aware of what the candidates are doing until election day.


theansweris said...

Thank you for your links! Go Hillary!:)

Tribe Mama said...

Shut up you.....trouble, you are just trouble!