Sunday, February 10, 2008

Is there ever a slow day??

So it is 10:40 here in VA and we have been busy. Kids are fed (pumpkin muffins homemade with love), laundry is switched, coffee has been roasting all morning, and the fire is made. I have worked on a paper and done some work work as well. i am about to get started on the bread, and then I will stack some more wood. I also promised the kiddos some granola bars today, so those need to be ready for snack time. After the bread is set to rise and the wood is stacked, I will switch the clothes again, vacuum the house and start dinner. Tonight it will be chili with rice, I am thinking of making some cornbread as I have cornmeal just waiting to be cooked up, and we will have an apple cobbler for dessert. I love the hum of a busy house, chores getting done, kids playing, and the warmth of good food cooking. I am off to get covered in flour and to bundle up to stack the wood. I am hoping that all of the cooking and cleaning will make us warm and happy today.

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