Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How do you shake the gloomies?

Things have been hard the last few months, and I am very, very tired. It seems that everything is picking up when all I want to do is slow down. The kids are a crabby mess, the house needs an overhaul, I have 100 papers to grade and two to write plus my regular work, and I am just too tired to deal with it. I am sure a big part of my problem are the gray, gray skies that have been here for weeks. Nothing can steal your "get up and go" like a dreary, overcast day...it sucks all of your spirit out and makes you just want to curl up in bed.

Ah well, we were productive today and dinner is in the oven. I will help Haven with her project tonight in addition to her regular homework, plus it is bath night and Ry has work. I need to grade some papers, work, and write one of the papers. Tomorrow I have to get drop my girls at school and drop Gray at Emily's. Then I am going to drive to PT school and do a conference call with FT school where I need to be online as well, then I have ANOTHER call with FT school...basically I will be sitting at PT school for an hour and a half doing calls! Then I will go teach, then home to help Haven finish her project and do all of the Wednesday night things like dinner, school work, etc.

Oh i NEED a day off :)

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theansweris said...

Let me know how you get that:) I could use one too. I think I should have some comp time I can use:)