Friday, February 22, 2008

Home home home

We got our day off, and I am more than relieved! The only down side was that my glorious husband was letting me sleep in the morning and Haven decided she needed to ask me if school was closed. She walked clear past her dad, up the stairs and into my room and woke me up, at 8:15!!!

Anyway, I am up, the house is vacummed, dishes done and kids playing away. I have already made bread and it is rising. Next I will make some soup and for dinner we will have navy bean soup, and ham on the homemade wheat bread, yummmmmmmmy.

I also have a 20 page paper looming, and I am not excited to work on it. I am hoping to have half done by dinner, the end of papers always move fast for me, so I won't be tied up all night.

All I want is a simpler life, and it seems it just keeps getting complicated. That is the trouble today, it is so hard to settle down, hang close to home and enjoy the quiet....but then again, the kids are never quiet.

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