Saturday, February 2, 2008

Taxes and Whole Foods

So I filed our taxes tonight, I go over and over and over them and still I am always nervous when we put them through. Ah well, they are now off and running, and if all goes well our savings account will get a small boost in a few weeks :)

Tomorrow I think I may venture out with the kiddos..I know, I know, I hate going out on weekends. Well Monday is busy now with me having school at night, and this Monday I am going in the morning to pick Gus up for Emily and then I have course checks and prep work, brownie snacks, etc. Tuesday is farm pick up day, and Wednesday I teach, so tomorrow is as good a day as any other to head to Whole Foods. I need more dried fruits for granola bars, flour, garlic, some good produce, olive oil and a few other bits and pieces. I am also hoping to be inspired...I have nothing planned for Sunday night dinner, and I always like to have a big traditional meal. I plan to get up, feed the kids and just go for it. Hoepfully they will be well behaved, and we can get in and get out, then back home to prepare the feast!

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