Monday, February 18, 2008

What a glorious start...

Today started off beautiful, warm and sunny with a hint of spring in the air. The kiddos and I went to see our favorite back cracker, Dr. Tom and he helped loosen up my very tight back. Then we were off to Target to grab a few things, then enjoyed lunch with the whole Fallon family...even Ben!

off to Old Navy to stock up on some srping dresses and shirts, and then home to meet the Comcast guy. He is very sloooooooooow an dit is making me a bit nuts, but at least I got my work for the day done and just need to do the dishes, cook supper and go to work :)

Another nice thing today was that Ryan got his bonus and it is more than enough to buy him the fancy schmancy computer he has been waiting for. He also got his raise, a bit piddly, and found out he didn't get the promotion. This really sucks since he would have been on days and would have had the title to match the job he ALREADY does. I hate that company, and I hope he will start looking for something new and soon.

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