Friday, February 1, 2008

GNO Girls Night Out

OK, if you don't get the title reference, you are not living with a little girl. Tonight was the Hannah Montana 3d concert movie thing. We went along with a bunch of girls from Haven's girl scout group and their moms.

I picked my girlies up and surprised them with new HM T-shirts and earrings. They seemed to really like the movie, although they just sat there and watched ( I think it is time to take them to some concerts so they get how to act crazy) Afterwards we all went out for dinner, the girls hung out and for me it was nice to spend some time with the grownups :)

Home we came, they were tucked into bed, and I did some work. I am always thankful for these activites, I enjoy seeing my girls happy and knowing that they will forever have these memories from childhood. I love my kids tremendously, but we live a busy life and it isn't always easy to slow down and enjoy each other. Tonight Ryan and Gray had some quality time together, and the girls and I did something special. Next big event, the girls have gift cards to Libby Lu so I will be taking then there to get a "makeover"

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