Sunday, February 3, 2008

Home again, safe and sound

So we made it. The ride there was going great, all of us enjoying a little Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman for the ride....but then we hit the traffic. There was an accident on 95, so that tied us up for a bit. Made it past the accident got to the store and began the shop. I always forget that this Whole Foods is very, very small...I know that I always prefer the McLean or Charlottesville one, but forget that is the reason why. Alas, we couldn't get everything we wanted or needed, but we did get most things. I usually have ample free time before class on Wednesday and can run to the McLean Whole Foods to get the items I am missing. The biggest thing was the absence of bulk bins, and I needed a bunch of grains, so that was a disappointment. The kids though were really good. The store is small and cramped, so it was difficult navigating sometimes, but they were patient and behaved well.

We came home and they enjoyed a big late lunch of sandwiches, yogurt and grapes. For dinner we got a gorgeous, grassfed roast beef. I think I will season it with a heavy dose of sea salt and cracked pepper and cook it to a delicate medium-rare. We will also have asparagus with lemon, dill and garlic and a Yukon gold potato gratin with fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano. Dessert is brownies. MMMMM.

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