Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A whole new day

I have been feeling so stressed and fear it is affecting how I parent. I decided that I must buck up and get over it, as my kids need me as a mom, more than I need to be a stress ball. Today is a bit brighter, and I am planning to begin tomorrow as brightly as I can. I will still have my overloaded plate, but I need to focus less on what I have to do for work/school, and more on being the best wife and mom I can be.

I am hopeful that I can turn my mood around, the trip to Chicago is stressing me, but I have to let it go or I won't be productive. I also need to be thankful for those little ones I have, and be grateful that they are young and forgiving. I am going to get up early tomorrow and make them a nice breakfast, and I think I will apologize for being short with them lately, they deserve my full attention.


theansweris said...

Hey, at least you want to change it. Lots of moms live like that forever and that is all their kids know. You are doing great, and I will be there for my hot breakfast in the morning:) Only Kidding!

Tribe Mama said...

You are welcome for breakfast, but it will be wheat bread and free range eggs :)