Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a quickie

OK, quick post before we take off running.

On Sunday night, my computer died again, guess the hard drive was part of the problem. Lots of tears, especially since I was a paragraph from finishing a paper. Now I am waiting for a new hard drive that I hope to have by tomorrow. Yuck.

Yesterday was so busy and horrifically cold. I got everything I needed to done, and taught my class, so I am counting that as an accomplishment :)

Today I have to take my girls to school, go vote and then drive to PT to school to see if the print request I sent is done (i so hope it is) then back home where I will take a conference call while at lunch, go to the farm, to see the chiropractor and at some point I need to stop and get hamster bedding and a new covered litterbox. Then make dinner, work and rewrite that stupid paper.

Tomorrow will be more of the same as I have to teach and do grading, and even Thursday this week is pretty jam packed. I am helping in Brittan's class for her party and then Ryan and I have a date :)

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