Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yeah Me!

So....it is 7:32 pm and I have done everything I needed to do!!!!

Dinner is over and cleaned up, kids have had baths, paper is written and work is done. I actually have a night off, I am so excited!

My lovely husband has agreed to drop the exam I need copies of off at Staples for me on his way to work, and I am all ready for tomorrow. My husband has another interview and I think it is tomorrow morning so I will drop the girls off, come home and get dressed for work, take Gray to pick up my copies, then we will stop at Dr. Tom's and I will drop Gray with Emily. Then I will take off to do my call and if all goes well, I will get to campus early and get some of that big paper done.

But right now I am settling down with a cup of coffee, yippee!