Saturday, February 16, 2008

In over our heads

OK, so I think the garden retaining walls may be more than we can handle. I am trying to get folks out here to give us estimates, as I think we don't have enough days off in a row to complete a job of that magnitude. We are also having two small trees taken down, as they would shade the garden too much, so many calls to make and so little time :)

We have been hanging about that last few days, spending time together and not getting much done. It is starting to make me a bit crazy, but I know I can whiz through the house and get it in order this afternoon, I would rather us all hang together for now.

On the homesteading front, the compost is going strong, I need to get a small bin for in the house as we make a lot of good odds and ends to feed the bin, a bonus to cooking from scratch. I have the order ready for spring planting, and once we figure out the retaining wall issues, I will place it. Ryan needs to till the berry patch and the front garden, but we have had erratic weather, cold, rain and then warmth, so it will have to wait until we have the time and the weather cooperates. I am anxious for the Spring CSA to start, I am longing for good fresh veggies, and cannot wait to get my box. The chicks will come in May, this will allow for me to get the garden planted and going and I am finished teaching at PT school early in May. Baby chicks need care, so May seems like the best time to bring them aboard.

For Spring/Summer projects, we have a lot of demo to do out back. We also have to clean out the garage and do all of the plantings. I am hoping to get some pretty flower beds this year, I hate the bare dirt and straggly vines. I also need to figure out the rain barrel options, I cannot bear the thought of my garden dying if we hit a drought again. We will probably hook two barrels together and will use a pump to spray the water into the garden.

I cannot wait until we get started!


Aquabarrel said...

For your rain barrel needs - check out They offer rain barrel kits, downspout filters in addition to complete rain barrels.

Tribe Mama said...

Thanks, I will look at them

I dread the drought!