Monday, February 4, 2008


OK, Mondays are always hard. Today it seems like I am moving in the right direction, but everything is just harder than it should be. I dropped my girls off at school, went and got Gus and dropped him off at Emily's house. Grayson and I ran to the store and I got the stuff to make muffins for Brownies and a few other small things. Came home, started muffins and did my course checks. As of right now, I have all the muffins made and ready to go, dinner is made for my family (homemade mac and cheese) and I just need to pop it in the oven, course checks are done, classlist is revised (still needs to be printed) and i straightened up and switched the laundry. i STILL have to take a shower and get dressed, print out my stuff, go to get cash, finish dinner (salad, etc) mop the kitchen, vacuum the stairs, foyer and LR (gray is sleeping so I can't do that now) and do a general clean up before I leave in 3 hours.

It seems I have so many things I just can't get done! The girls rooms both need an overhaul, as does Grayson's, and I need to go through their dressers. I have tons of laundry to fold, the Living Room needs the carpets cleaned, the closet under the stairs needs to be cleaned and the playroom needs a BIG cleanup, sort and toss. Ryan and I have dedicated Thursday to ordering seeds, planning the garden, etc. Saturday is my nephew's birthday party so we will be up there for that. When am I going to get all of these things done????

Tomorrow I promised Grayson I would take him to lunch and the farm. Maybe I can pick up the fancy steamcleaner on our way home and clean the Living Room carpets. Wednesday is booked, I teach and have grades due. Thursday is garden day, but maybe I can also do Grayson's room, his is the easiest. Until the kid's dressers are purged, there is no where for clothes. Oh how I hate it when things get disorderly!

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theansweris said...

You are so busy it is making me tired:) We didn't get in from the doctor today until 6:30pm. Megan and Gracie are soooo tired. Tomorrow should be slower. I'll Call you later!