Sunday, February 10, 2008

i am feeling it

It has, as I thought it would, been a busy day! It is very windy here, and our house is set low, so we have had trouble keeping the fire going and the smoke out of the house!

I did get the bread made, the wood stacked and chili cooking. Some work work is done, laundry has been switched but needs to be again, and the dishes and vacuuming are complete. I have a lovely apple and blueberry clafouti baking that I will serve with fresh whipped cream. It has been a busy active day and I am feeling it now as I sit here. Ah, but I still have to make the rice, cut the bread, and serve the family dinner and dessert. After the babes are in bed, I will hunker down with some fresh roasted coffee and write a paper.

These days fly by, but I am so thankful to be able to be here to do for my kids and family while also making a living. I am fortunate that tomorrow I can spend the day with my son and running errands, that I can get together snacks for brownies and serve my family dinner before I leave to teach. I am also thankful that even though Monday-Wednesdays are busy and crazy, I get to spend every day in the summer with my kids. I am so very fortunate.

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