Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday fun for all

Gray and I had an interesting day. We went to the Post Office and he was thrilled when the postmaster gave him a coloring book. Then we went to lunch, just the two of us. Our favorite water was there, we chit chatted and has a quiet lunch together. Then we were off to the farm, loaded up on milk, sweet potatoes and burgers. We also mailed off the kids swimming lesson info (they will start at the indoor pool in a few weeks) and paid for the Spring CSA.

Gray was a bit of a terror while we were out but fell asleep on the ride home...ah the peace and quiet :)

Came home, got the girlies, and they kids played outside in the warm 70 degree weather!

I am tired and know that tomorrow will be a full day. After I get home tomorrow night, finish grading, I am on break. Thursday will be all about the garden, and I think Friday will be all about resting and laundry :)

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