Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The week ahead

As usual, I am looking ahead to a busy week. Today, Grayson and I need to go make some copies, have our weekly lunch, go to the farm, stop at Dr. Tom's and then home to clean the house and cook dinner. I also have to write a paper tonight and start the research for the 20 page paper that is due on Friday.

Tomorrow I have my conference call and my class has an exam, I also need to swing by Dr. Tom in the a.m. I am hoping to use the exam time as paper writing time, my goal is to get the first 7-10 pages written. Then home again to the chaos that is the Kelley house, and regular work as well.

Thursday is a trip to Dr. Tom again (I know, a lot of chiropracter, but it will slow down in the next few weeks). I then want to get some things to prepare for the approx. 15 girl scouts that are coming by on Friday. I need juice, a table cloth and I think I will get new cookie sheets and a better mixing bowl (the girls were a good excuse to get these much needed items). Then I will keep working away on the paper, maybe I will even finish it on Thursday and submit it early!

Friday I want to clean the house, top to bottom, and need to prep for the girls in the afternoon. The girls will be here making shortbread cookies for Thinking Day, so we will have stations for them to work with. Thankfully the kitchen and dining room are pretty open, so we can all work together.

Saturday Haven will attend Thinking Day and I will send her with my neighbor (hooray!) maybe I will get to hang in my PJs that morning :)

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