Sunday, February 3, 2008

Off into the day

The kids really enjoyed the rolls with the honey butter, I am always pleased when my plan works out!

I am now off to do the dishes, grab a shower and dress the tribe so we can head out. The plan is to go to Whole Foods and then back home with the goodies. I asked Ryan to think about what he wanted for dinner, and he opted for hamburgers....too bad he won't get them tonight! Sunday night dinner is a big deal to me, so he will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for plain ole burgers. BTW Em...I am going to try your recipe and will pick up the Worstershire sauce. Maybe we will have sweet potato fries with the burgers on Tuesday....tomorrow I need something simple.

Will let everyone know what happens at the store, and I hope it doesn't involve me leaving anyone there ;)

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