Saturday, February 2, 2008

Call me Crazy that Haven is fully into girls clothing sizes, I hate buying her clothes. It seems all she wears is jeans and t-shirts because there aren't a lot of appropriate options out there and she is a bit picky about her clothes. She LOVES peasant skirts and flowy dresses, and Britt looks best in classic sundresses in the summer, but I can't always find them. I decided I am buying a new sewing machine, a book, a few patterns and some fabric and come hell or high water, I will learn to sew.

My mom can sew well, she made a lot of our clothes when we were little, so she said she would help me out. I am going to try to navigate without too much help, and then when I am confused she can help. My goal is to master a few simple patterns for the girls, sundresses for both, skirts, etc. I would also love to learn to make shorts for all the kids, some years all I can find in stores are the super short shorts, and I don't like the girls to wear those.

So in addition to growing our own organic veggies, roasting coffee, cooking from scratch, raising chickens, seeking out local organic food, working FT for one school PT for another and getting my doctorate, I need to learn to sew. Can you tell I hate to sit still?

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