Monday, February 18, 2008

Rain Barrels-Locally

I think I may have found my rain barrels, and they are local too!

The Friends of the Rappahannock (that's a river) build rain barrels every year. I can't volunteer the day they are doing it, but if you do, you get the barrels at cost ($35). I did, however, send an email to preorder two barrels at $65 each. The money will help fund the organization which works to protect the river and educate the population including children about pollution and the importance of being green. I like helping a local organization and also getting something local. I will get the two barrels and have Ryan link them; I will then go to the marina and find a pump that will work with the barrels to water my garden.

Emily also wants a rain barrel and I am so proud of her!! With the drought last year, we all saw how important water is to our lawns, plants and flowers, as well as the reservoirs that help us maintain water for cooking and washing. We don't want to waste any water on the garden; rain water will be perfect for our needs :)

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