Thursday, January 29, 2009


We had a busy day! The girls had a late start to school, and then I headed out to see Dr. Tom. I am hoping the adjustment will work along with the meds and help me feel better. Then on my way to the store, I talked to Em who invited us to lunch. Ry had to hang at home waiting for the glass guy to repair the ding in his windshield, so Gray and I went and had a really nice lunch with Emily and Maggie. Then Gray and I picked up lunch for Ryan, ran to the grocery store and then home. I did get some cleaning done, mainly the vacuuming and mopping that was needed, and managed to get my work done for the night. Started a paper, that I will hopefully have completed before my call at 8 pm. If all goes well, Ry will head out for his appointment at 7:30, the kids will be in bed, my first paper will be completed, I will have my call and then work on my second paper. Did I mention that on my stove right now is the best chicken and dumplings? All made from scratch, including the just tastes better that way. It was a busy day, but I don't feel overwhelmed, it all just fell into place!

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