Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh my aching face

It started last night, a dull ache in my jaw. By the middle of the night it was full on throbbing pain, so bad that I came downstairs to take medicine. As today has gone on, it has flipped back and forth between being fine and being unbearable. I know it is a sinus toothache, but man it hurts. If I keep a warm compress on it, it feels a lot better, but otherwise it is hit or miss. I am using some saline washes and really hoping that I can get this cleared up, it really hurts.


A Jersey Girl said...

I'm sorry! I wish I could fix it fir you.

Ree said...

Ouch these are the worst!! I get them as well as the whole side of my face hurting--just to touch the skin-- and it is awful!! Praying for some comfort!!