Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finding Peace

Em and I were talking about having babies the other day, how you know that one child is your last, etc. I have to say, while I am often crabby in pregnancy, especially early when I am tired and feel crummy, I have felt very calm regarding this child being added to the tribe. I KNOW that this is the last child and I am perfectly fine with it. i cannot wait to met him/her and spend the rest of my life loving him/her as I do my others. Last year was trying for us, as it was for many others, but I have a renewed sense of hope. While our plans have been changed and altered many times over, we keep our focus on what we want from life. My main concern, as always, is how to maintain the level of house I want, while also allowing the kids to be kids. I also need to work on keeping work/school stress away from my family...we will see how that goes as classes start today. I guess I am searching for peace, both within myself and within my home, and I am not sure how to achieve it. That is my journey this year, to locate that elusive peace.

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A Jersey Girl said...

Please share with me the secret to finding "peace" if you get there. I am hoping that you do. I cannot imagine how life incredible must be once you can achieve it.