Friday, January 30, 2009

Finding the moments

We got up early this morning and Ryan got the girls off to school while I went to pick up Emily and her girls. Off we went to the airport, those lucky ducks are heading to Florida to celebrate Gracie's first birthday. Next year I want to go too!

After the airport, I headed to the farm to grab milk and yogurt. I was smart enough to get an extra quart since I have been really enjoying a small bowl in the evenings. I am also ordering a yogurt maker for the house, I need to figure out the best way to make thick yogurt so that I have it for the summer. In berry season, my kids could eat a quart a day!

Came home, hung with the hubby and Gray and did some cleaning. Now I am getting ready to put a batch of apple granola in the oven to toast, and then I will go grab Declan from school. He is spending the night tonight and then going to Florida tomorrow with his dad to the Superbowl! What an exciting weekend for the Fallon kids.

Off to cook and clean.

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