Friday, January 16, 2009

Neuros and cold and fires

Yesterday we met with Haven's school to try and get her some more services and to work on how they approach teaching her in the classroom. It went well, and if they do what we have asked for, I think it will be a good rest of the year. I am also on the fence regarding next year, if we end up having a bad few months, she will get behind, and so far the one thing we have going for us is that she is on level or above in all subjects. I guess I will see how the year goes, and then I will see if I think being home with me next year will be a better choice.

Today we followed up with her Neurologist. It went well. She gained 8 lbs since August, but some might be the fact that she is wearing heavier clothes. He anti seizure meds can cause kids to gain weight, but thankfully she was lean to begin with and is still a nice healthy weight. We discussed some of the learning problems she is having, and the doctor decided to try her on an ADHD medication for a month. The goal of the medication is to help her focus and sort through all of the information she is now receiving without the seizures. I don't like giving medication unless necessary, so we will try and if it helps her, I will keep her on it for a few months. Then over summer we will go off and hopefully she will be able to work through things on her own. Now the seizure meds, those I have no problem giving her as seizures are dangerous and something we cannot treat with anything other than the medication.

So after the Neuro, we came home and made a really nice warm fire. Everyone is snuggled up and enjoying the quiet, and it is so peaceful here. Dinner will be leftovers, so everyone will get their choice, and then maybe we will watch a movie together....or even better, maybe I will watch one upstairs and fold the laundry!

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