Monday, January 26, 2009

Damn damn damn

This is going to be a self pity party post...don't say I didn't warn you.

OK, Grayson was throwing up last night, husband stayed home, not sure why all he has done is sleep and complain. Now he claims he is, every time ANYONE here gets ANYTHING magically he gets it. How come the girls and I can avoid things, but nope, not him, never.

I am dirty and need a shower, and I need to go make copies for my class tonight. My house is trashed, husband didn't even wipe down the bathroom where Gray was sick! I cleaned that bathroom, piled the trash of crap into the middle of my girls room for them to deal with and lugged all the clothes downstairs. Have I mentioned that I still have the throbbing pain in my face? Oh and I need to teach a class tonight, in the room with no technology, in the dorm. The dishes are pilled, the laundry is too, I have three baskets of clothes to fold and countless to wash, and no time to do either. I need to mop, I need to organize and I need the other people who live her to put their own crap away.

I am tired, and crabby and sick of the entire world being on my shoulders. I need some help and I am not getting it and I have asked. Have I mentioned that I asked my husband to vacuum up the cat food on our bathroom floor so I don't have to step on know....from the cats we got rid of three weeks ago? So damn damn damn.

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Casey said...

I am so so sorry. :( I hate days (weeks/months) that feel like that.