Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Sunday

another missed day of church.

I really have been trying, but I swear my kids fall like flies on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I knew this one was coming, they were extra awful yesterday which usually signals an illness hitting. Both girls have had a light cough that has been lingering for a few months, yes I said months, but there was no fever or other symptoms, and the cough was just pesky and worse in the morning, almost non existent in the daytime. This morning, around 5 am, I heard it......the wet coughing. It came from the girl's room,and then I heard it again, but now it was a different cough, but just as yucky. Yep they both have a nasty wet cough now...swell.

Britt also has been complaining of a stomach ache, she is getting a fever, so that is probably the culprit. Good thing they are off school for two days to regain their strength! Even better that their mother has no plans to take them anywhere today or tomorrow.....maybe a quick trip to Dr. Tom for an adjustment but that is it.

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