Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, um, moving on

Seems like we will not be blessed with a huge ice storm and I will need to go up to campus tomorrow. It's ok, I really cannot complain since it is my day class and they seem like a great bunch...I love when that happens. I will, however, have to eat something before classor I will risk passing out on my way to or from class. So far this pregnancy I am down 5 lbs, I never had that happen before and always gained at least 10 lbs first trimester and had slow gain second and third. Maybe I will come out ahead of the game this time.

Today went pretty well despite being ill. The kids had so much fun in the snow, and while I rested on the couch, hubby took the kids next door to play with the babysitter (her request!) They have been good most of the day, although I am sure by tomorrow they will be ready to kill each other. All should sleep well tonight, as long as the girls can avoid this stomach bug. I got all of my work for the day done, and just have a paper to write, but it looks to be an easy one.

Thankfully, tomorrow is my Friday, so when I get home, it will be grading and Lost with the hubby.

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