Friday, January 30, 2009


Tonight should have been a nice night. Declan was sleeping over, the kids were being good and they all ate well. I went out to grab a nice dinner for Ryan and I and I picked up ice cream sandwiches for the kids since they were being so wonderful. Came home and began working on a paper and then my MIL called. Needless to say, what she said to my husband got me mad, and then he got mad at me for getting mad at her and so on and so on and so on. I understand it is his mother, I do, but she is toxic and now we are just sitting here like a bunch of fools waiting to see if and when she decides to come here! She is not trying to rent out her house, or pack or do anything! She has no job so she is going to lose the house if she doesn't pay for it! So what, I leave a bedroom empty for no reason? I don't make it into a nursery because she might come?

So I was mad and frustrated and Ryan is frustrated and then he started being mean and nasty and yelling at me about me being a jerk earlier this week. In his defense, I WAS a jerk to him earlier this week and it was totally uncool and not nice, but in MY defense I was really sick and in pain and I DID apologize! So he was being awful because he is stressed out, so then I was crying because I am frustrated with the situation and not good with change or confrontation, and it was just not the good night it should have been. I really wanted to watch a movie with my husband and have a nice night :(

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