Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and stomach aches

We finally got some snow! It has been downright frigid for months, much colder than it should be, but for some reason we avoided all the snow. Today the kids are off from school and it was projected that our area would get 1-3" of snow followed by ice overnight. Now they are saying 3-5" of snow, and still ice. Please, please can we get extra snow or ice so I can miss class tomorrow?

Onwards to stomach aches. Gray and Ry had a stomach bug Sunday into Monday. This morning at 4:30 am I woke up with some stomach issues, not nearly as bad as those two, but I still feel a bit off. Hopefully I will begin to feel better in the next few hours. I even had to cancel my dental appointment as the idea of having someone's hands in my mouth while feeling nasty was not appealing!

Happy snow day!


Anonymous said...

Aren't you going to wish someone something today?

Tribe Mama said...

Not anyone important. Maybe if he/she ever responded to any emails I would. Can't pick and choose.

Anonymous said...

Married people don't need to receive responses to their e-mails. Isn't the tax deduction status enough for you?

Tribe Mama said...

Well then don't go rooting around for comments and best wishes. Oh and the tax deduction is a reward for not having to date the single people who are left in our 30's.

Anonymous said...

No, but the money saved on supporting children and a spouse more than makes up for the difference, I can assure you. Example: I'm headed out right now to have a few martinis. In several weeks, I'll be going to Europe for a month. When was the last time you did either? Get my point - don't be so quick to throw those stones when your own house is glass (sorry, in your case, I'm sure it's fine Delmarva crystal, Doctor).

Tribe Mama said...

Bitter much?

A Jersey Girl said...

Well, I go out for drinks enough, but as I have better things to do than drink my life away, I do them.

As for Europe, I am a beach traveler myself and the family and I are headed to the VI in a few weeks.

WOW! I really do have the life, a family, drinks and vacations!!!

Can I get a response?

Tribe Mama said...

You make me laugh Em. We get all those things as well...except the drinks, I cannot do that what with being pregnant. Wait, I had drinks the night I got pregnant while getting to hang out with friends,win-win.

As for Europe, you know that we are planning a trip when the new babe is one or two, we should be there at least two weeks and will rent a house so we have room to stretch out. Not to mention the teaching abroad opportunities, the beach vacations in the summer and the week we are spending in VT in two months.

Gotta go get the crystal out, the kids are getting hungry :)