Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just not myself

All this down time has taken it's toll. I am so tired, more tired than I have ever been with any other pregnancy,and I am really hoping it lets up soon. Thankfully, I am not as sick as I was a few weeks ago, which is a huge relief.

Right now it is hard to do anything, I try everyday to make dinner, keep the house basically neat and get the kid's things done, but it has been tough. I am not sure what will happen when my classes begin at the end week and I head back to FT and PT work. Ah well, it will all fall into place I am sure.

So far today, Gray and I pretty much did a load of nada. We have had a nice fire, I made some chicken stock and have made the stock into soup for dinner. I will make some popovers to go along with the soup since I still haven't had the energy to make bread. Did some laundry, vacuumed, etc. Maybe once the dreary weather moves on, I will feel more energetic.

On the baby front, tomorrow I am hoping to hear a heartbeat....I am always anxious until I hear that little thump-thump.

1 comment:

Ree said...

I feel your lack of energy. I was wiped out with all my pregnancies but worst with the last. I guess b/c I was older.
I don't blame you...it just makes all real!!
Best Wishes tomorrow!!