Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting inspired

So Em got some gorgeous new furniture and repainted a bunch of rooms in her house. All her redecorating has gotten me inspired. While there are many rooms that need my attention...ahem my bathroom and the playroom, the family room is making me crazy. We got new couches last year and I L-O-V-E them to death! Problem is, the room just doesn't match. When we bought the house, this room had smurf blue carpet, actually it is the same carpet that my poor kids have in the playroom. The walls in this room were a horrible baby poop brown with a disgusting sponge paint effect. Needless to say, I couldn't live with the paint, and painted the room a very light blue to go along with the carpet. A year later, we pulled up the nasty carpet and put down a wood floor I adore. So no nothing works together, but have no fear...I have a plan!

My couches are red and the floor is a reclaimed wood style. I plan on painting the walls a warm coffee color, getting a new TV stand and end table and these curtains

I am also searching for an new area rug and some additional throw pillows for the couch. I want this room to be warm and cozy, it is the room we use the most, and I love snuggling in here when there is a fire.

Just so you don't think the kids are suffering. I have a plan for the playroom this spring. It needs a major overhaul, so I am planning to have the kids pack everything up, with help of course, and we are going to paint that room. I haven't decided on color yet, but I want something that will last them a few years as they grow. I do know that one area will have the painted chalkboard like we do now, and I am looking at some wall decals. I also need to revisit storage, before we know it we will have a toddler in the playroom, so the bigger kid toys need their own space. As for flooring, I am guessing that we will lay new carpet in that room, something durable!

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A Jersey Girl said...

That Brown-sponge job was ALMOST as nice as the Blue-sponge in my bathroom:)

I cannot wait for the new paint and curtains! I am even happy to help paint.

I cannot stop laughing about our Sponge-Painted rooms:)