Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am sitting on a post that is saved in my draft folder...I am not sure I want to unleash it yet.

So, after teaching class today, my ear/face/teeth were hurting so badly that I came home and then left right away to go to Urgent Care. I was sure my ear drum was about to burst or my face explode or something equally horrific. Now I am not frivolous with money, and I had an appointment tomorrow at the doctor at 11:15, so you know that the pain was really bad for me to drop an extra 30 bucks just to see someone RIGHT THEN!! ear is fine. The doctor said it was my sinuses, not my teeth. Then she asked if I had high blood pressure, and I said no, actually it is really low, like 98/60. Her response was, "You really must be in a lot of pain it was 148/90!" I then left with a script for an antibiotic and she took pity on my pregnant self and gave me Vicodin. Being preggers, there is NOTHING for pain over the counter except Tylenol, which did nothing for the pain. Now I hate pain meds, never took them after my c-section with my son and stuck to the 800mg of Advil....but I can't take that, it isn't safe for the baby. I am now getting ready to drive on over to my friendly drug store to pick up my new drugs, and maybe I will be pain free :)

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