Sunday, January 4, 2009

Please someone stop the ride, I really want to get off!

OK so it is just not going well at all.

Today has been an awful Haven day. She woke up whiny, and that is never a good sign. Then she got into it with her brother and smacked his cheek! That was it, I laid into her since she is ALWAYS the hitter and she is the oldest! I swear I went wrong somewhere with her, the other kids are easy going, quick to forgive and pretty pleasant. So after going on and on about how she is bullying my other children and just like I wouldn't allow someone to bully her, I can't allow her to do it to the other kids. Then on and on more about how she needs to think about other people and their feelings, that she needs to treat us kindly and with respect. After I thought I had gotten through just a bit......she brings me a coloring book that she had drawn a bunch of stuff in. Problem is, the book was her sister's that she just got for Christmas, and it was a special Camp Rock one, and Britt was devastated as she hadn't even used it yet. WTF?

Please someone help me raise this kid better? I try I swear I do. I tell them we are a team, that siblings need to look out for each other. We talk about respect and treating people the way we want to be treated. We have rules and we stick to them. Why is she so quick to scream and yell? Why does she not care about anyone but herself?

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