Monday, January 19, 2009

The day goes on and on

OK, I will admit I am very tired. Between the computer viruses and the vomit, I am a bit stressed. Thankfully, I already did the dishes and will be heading out on my errands when Ryan gets home, so that will be out of the way. I also did my work work, and redid my blog layout...I know my priorities!

I must vacuum and hubby needs to move the other basket of clean clothes upstairs for me so we can wash our bedding. If all goes well this afternoon, I will get my papers written so I can head upstairs early tonight and fold those clothes!

I also adjusted the meals since we have some tender tummies. I think tonight we will have lemon rosemary chicken, depending on what looks good at the store. I also really need to find something I can eat for lunches, I have been having a tough time getting food in.

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