Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not to sound redundant

but boy it is cold! I needed to go out to the pantry to get something for dinner and had to put my coat and shoes on! That just solidified the need to seal up the open doorway to the garage :)

I am hoping the hubby will get a fire going soon. I am having the urge to get bread cooking, so I want to jump on that while I am feeling the vibe. We plan to be here all day, so if I can, I will do loads of laundry, cook some yummy BBQ beef, bake at least two loaves of bread and maybe even get some pumpkin bread made. Tomorrow, pending no ice or snow, we will be heading out to church, then home for something warm and toasty for dinner. If we actually get snow, I will make a strawberry shortcake, my favorite treat on a snowy, cold day.

I have a little working to do today, some cleaning up, but I am trying to have a calm family day before we get totally back into the grind next week when I head back to PT school.

Stay warm everyone :)

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