Sunday, January 25, 2009

An off day

I am having one of those terrible off days, where my mood is down and I am just not able to attack any tasks. I stated the day with two stubborn computer viruses, one I have been battling for a week, the other was brand new. I live with an IT guy, so I know the process and I am very cautious online, not opening things, etc so I was already peeved I had a virus, let alone one that was so dang hard to get rid of!. Thankfully, hubby came home and worked some voodoo and the viruses have disappeared. Now I will scan every evening for awhile just to be sure.

As my computer was being repaired until noon, I couldn't get online and feel like I am behind on work. I had to rewrite a portion of a paper and set up my courses, and those are completed but tonight's assignment is confusing and I have no idea how to approach it. Add to this the fact that my kids have been devils, Tasmanian ones at that, moving from room to room making a mess, fighting, wailing and screaming. My patience with them is about gone, and it is only 3 pm.

I am weepy. I am at that awful point in pregnancy where you aren't feeling terrible, but the baby isn't moving yet, so I just feel fat and dumpy. Add to that the fact that my class tomorrow is in a room with no technology, they won't let me get a projector so I am basically screwed. My whole class revolves around using the laptop and the projector, so this is causing me a ton of stress!

So overall, I am just blah. I need to figure out how to write this paper and I have loads of laundry to fold. I need to layout clothes for tomorrow, and pack lunches for my girls, not to mention dinner needs to be cooked.

If only I had felt better over Christmas break, I wouldn't have so much looming over me. Ah well, this too will pass....right?

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