Monday, January 19, 2009

So not Zen

So I approached my pregnancy with the idea of being very zen. Relaxing my normal "rules" and trying to enjoy ever second since it will be my last. Now to be fair, I did expect the pregnancy to be like my last one with Grayson, which was pretty easy, or even better, like my pregnancy with Haven where I felt great the whole time. What I didn't expect was to feel like I did when I was pregnant with Brittan, I figured her time was a fluke since I was so sick for so long.

Well it seems this babe is giving me a run for my money. I am still pretty sick, and nothing sounds good to me, so I usually just don't eat. I try really hard every day to get my fluids in, but the food thing just isn't happening. On the bright side, I haven't gained any weight so far, the not so bright side is that I feel crummy most of the time, and the not eating and the low iron are not helping.

So today at the store, I bought myself whatever sounded good. I ended up with a huge bag of fresh spinach and Steak-Umms....hmmmm, think I am anemic? I am making the family rosemary and garlic roast chicken tonight with rice and broccoli and cauliflower. I am then stealing some of the rice to eat with the spinach which I wilted with sauteed garlic and lemon juice.

I am really hoping this passes soon, I am just shy of second trimester and I really want to enjoy this!

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