Friday, January 9, 2009

Running on the wheel

It has been a busy morning. I grabbed Maggie and dropped she and Gray off at preschool while the hubby took the girls to the bus stop. When dropping off I asked the preschool teacher if Gray was in time out (!), well he wasn't and then he proceeded to inform me that that was at PAINTING school, whatever that is!

Then I drove to the farm and it was super cold! Grabbed the million bottles of milk, cream, and yogurt, along with a big jar of honey since we were getting low. I also put our beef order in, since it has been six months and both Emily and I are running low. For anyone considering buying a quarter cow, half cow, whole cow, etc. DO IT! The meat is delicious, when you look at overall cost, it is very affordable, and you never have to worry about meat recalls. I love that my kids are getting just delicious healthy beef, no antibiotics, no hormones, just good quality meat.

Now Maggie and Gray are playing and I am taking a few minutes to sit and relax.

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