Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last post of the day...I promise

See, I told you that blogging keeps me sane!

This will be a semi-happy post. Although it has been a long and trying day, and I got nearly nothing I wanted to get done (no muffins or bread to speak of) I did manage to cook a dinner that is making my house smell scrumdidiliumptious!

We will be having a lemon herb roast chicken with homemade stuffing crammed with dried apples and carrots, there is even a little white wine thrown in for good measure. Along side these tasties will be broccoli, which the kids will be happy to see and maybe, just maybe I will throw some biscuits in the oven. The only downer is that we need to go out and pick up hubby's car, so we will have to wait until we get back to eat the yummy dinner, then the kids will get baths, I will pack lunches and off to bed they will scamper. Then, maybe the, I will feel like I accomplished something today.

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A Jersey Girl said...

I am only sad that the kids going back to school means that I have to get up early again.

Let's hope for a better tomorrow!