Monday, January 12, 2009

New Dirty

So, we had some interesting new today. Seems that in Virginia they can make your license invalid pending proof of legal presence, which means showing a birth certificate. Well, they did it to hubby and the problem is, they never sent us any notification. He doesn't have a copy of his birth certificate here, so we tried getting DMV to give us two weeks to get one, but they said NO! Then they told him he can't drive,but he has been driving for a year like this since no one told us!

Since hubby was born in New Jersey (Haven used to call it New Dirty when she was little...not as a comment in NJ, just she couldn't say it right) we of course tried to find out how to get one. Here in VA you can get a birth certificate expressed within 5 days, not so in NJ. Then I looked at driving up there, it would be over 10 hrs roundtrip and cost a small fortune. Thankfully I spoke to the very sweet guy in Livingston who told me to overnight everything with a return overnight slip and we would have it back in two days. Woohooo, thanks New Dirty!

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