Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dinner and relaxation

Well, I didn't get nearly enough done today, and now I am pretty sure I am too tired to fold all that laundry. Some major things did get done, and the family enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken in wine sauce, spinach and feta puffs and rice. We did talk some about the garden and I began looking at seeds and options for where everything will be planted. We have a nice fire going and my plan for the night is to snuggle in and enjoy.

Tomorrow the last of the indoor decorations will be put away and we will do some work in the pantry. It has been so cold we have been running in and out so fast, I didn't realized how low we were on some staples. Guess it is time to load up on some things.

1 comment:

A Jersey Girl said...

I'm with you, I need some loading here!

Thanks for coming over last night, we had fun!