Sunday, January 18, 2009

My iron pills must be working

because I am cooking like number 4 is here and eating!

Yesterday I made 4 loaves of wheat bread and a very tasty dinner if I say so myself! Today there are two big loaves of pumpkin bread heading into the oven. Since the kiddos aren't feeling great, we are having breakfast for dinner. I will either make waffles or french toast and some eggs and sausage for them. I feel like I am in a dinner rut, and I hate that feeling. So to shake things up, the schedule for this week is cajun shrimp and rice, BBQ or coconut chicken and Swedish meatballs. It is a culinary roadtrip! I also have some taco meat I need to do something with, I am thinking taco soup?

We are also going to run out of wood today and I won't be able to get any until Friday. Hopefully we will be busy and won't be home missing the fire. I love having a fire, so we really cannot go too long without wood. I am thinking this will be our last cord of the year!

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