Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to PT job

Tomorrow classes begin at PT school and as always I am a little sad. While I know it is silly that I get sad having to go and teach 6 hours a week, with about 3 hours of commuting. I also know just how lucky I am that my schedule permits me not to need traditional childcare, and that I have a good friend to keep Grayson after school and a sitter to bridge the gap between the time Ryan leaves and I get home on Mondays. Even still, I get sad when that day rolls around and I am not able to be home with the kiddos all the time.

So tomorrow I will head back to campus to a fresh group of students. I will be nervous, as I always am the first day, as I feel out the group and try to get them to engaged. I will be sad that I have to do this for 13 weeks, but then the summer comes, along with the new baby, and lots of down time. Next fall it will be extra hard to leave with a new baby at home, but I know that I am luckier than most.

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