Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Labs and lunches

Last week I had my first "real" OB appointment, the fun one where along with all the touchy feely stuff, they also made me do a glucose test since I am over 30 and have big ole babies and they took a million vials of blood. So today the nurse calls and tells me that I am not HIV positive nor do I have any STDs...ok, not concerned about those being in a monogamous marriage and all. Then she tells me I passed the glucose test, again I am not surprised, I always pass and the big babies are just genetic, hubby was a ten pounder and is mom is maybe 100 lbs soaking wet. Then she says all my labs were fine, except my hemoglobin was a 6.6. That is really, really not good. Now, I am always anemic, and for me, a 9 or 10 is pretty normal even though it is too low for the docs, but they are really not happy with the 6.6. So, now I get to see a hematologist and takes a nice big ole iron pill every day, just what someone with morning sickness wants. Ah well, it explains why I have been so tired :)

After the call, and the husband forcing me to take two kids vitamins with iron to get a jump on things, we headed out to grab Grayson. When we say Em there, she told us how she was going to the Firkin Bulldog for lunch...and it was POT PIE DAY!!!! When she offered to buy lunch as a belated X-mas for me and belated B-day for hubby, we couldn't resist! Thanks Em, lunch was so yummy!


Barb said...

Try 8 oz. OJ with a tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses daily

Herbal tea with Nettles and Alfalfa will help also.

Tribe Mama said...

Will that help with the low iron? I am happy to give anything a shot :)

Thanks for posting!