Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our house

Today, as I walked through our home, a few thoughts came to mind. When we bought this house just over 5 years ago, we never planned to stay. In fact, I HATED the house, really despised it and couldn't wait to be done with it. It hadn't been cared for, and needed loads of work (still needs work) and it never felt like home. Over the last five years, we have done a lot of repairs, we fenced and painted, refloored and redid bathrooms, overhauled the kitchen, put in windows and lighting, built a garden and created a home. Along with all of the changes to the house, we made friends and found community, we added one child (Grayson) and are about to add another since moving here. Our family has had breakdowns and pick ups and we, and our home, have become one.

While there is a lot that needs to be done to "fix" our house...such as painting the outside, putting in a new driveway and redoing the master bath, as I walk through here, it does feel like home. It feels warm and full of the chaos that comes with small kids and busy schedules. It will never be a perfect home, and it will never be clean enough to satisfy my OCD, but it is full of all the things a home needs like hugs, laughter and "I love yous"

So, since the housing market is in the crapper, and we will be here a long, long, long time, I am happy that this house which made me stressed and scared and overwhelmed in the beginning has become our family home. While we still have things we want to change, I know that we will since we have done so much already. This is where our newest child will come home to, and where all four will remember growing up, and that is a true joy.

***Yes, I am at the sappy stage in pregnancy, it will last until the baby is two :)

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