Friday, May 9, 2008

Tornados and floods

Last night made for an interesting one around here. I knew we were set for some rainy weather, and then around 9 pm we went under a Tornado Watch. No biggie, that happens around here, and since Ryan was running out for a few things I asked him to get a much needed weather radio.

As we got into 10 o'clock, we went under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, in my world when that happens, that means the kids have to come downstairs. The main reason for this is we have a lot of very large, very old trees around our house, including one just behind the house up on the hill that would completely crush the house if it came down. Soon after the kids came down, we got the first Tornado Warning. Kids got to the back hallway in the house, and if need be, they move into our tiny little downstairs bathroom. It seems that there was a tornado from this storm just south of us, so I am glad we kept safe.

We made it through that warning and then the flood came, into my family room. Seems the rain came so fast it backed debris up at the fence gates. We are downhill from everyone else, so we get all of their runoff, so the water came flooding into my family room. Ryan ran to open the gate and in the process one side tore completely off. The water drained from the yard, and Ryan and I began to clean up the water and mud that had come into the house. Thankfully we got it all cleaned, although it took a few hours, and we were under another Tornado Warning during the process. The kids are home today since they spent most of the night sitting in the hallway, and we are all very tired, but OK.


A Jersey Girl said...

nd all are safe and the Family Room is extra clean:)

Tribe Mama said...

very true, the floor and rug are super clean!